Rabbit Puppet Activity for Easter

Rabbit Puppet and Carrots Activity for Easter

Rabbit Puppet and Carrots Activity for Easter

Have fun at Easter!

You can see required materials and molds for puppet rabbit made on this page.

This cute puppet you can use for tell a story or entertain children. The pre-school teachers can use to attract the attention of children in classes with puppets. Mothers can decorate your room with these puppets the children. You can find more creative ideas with puppets.


  • Photo cardboard in yellow, A4
  • Fotokarton rest in Pink
  • Formfilzrest in blue and orange
  • Filzrest in light blue, green and light green
  • Ribbon in BlauWeiB plaid, 1cm wide, 12 cm long
  • 4 cotton carrots, 3 cm long
  • 2 buttons in light blue, 1.2 cm
  • Floral wire in Brown, 0.35 mm, 1 m long


1)The rabbit head make: record the facial lines, stick the nose point and slightly redden the cheeks and ear rims. Glue the head on the body back.

2)Cut the dungarees formfelt and-stick, put the buttons and glue the felt bag only at the edge. indicate the stitches with white lacquer pen. Legs, arms and legs onto the back. The ribbon around the neck nodes.

3)Cut Three carrots from Formfäly, cut the chard frayed, screw and wrap it with floral wire. Stick it on Filzkarotten and those stuck in the patch pocket.

4)The ruffled floral wire pierce through the Harefeet and its ends screw. The batting carrots at some floral wire socialize and hang it on the suspension wire.


rabbit puppet making activity patterns for Easter

rabbit puppet making activity patterns for Easter

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