Rabbit Puppet Craft for Kids

Rabbit Puppet Making for Kids

Rabbit Puppet Making for Kids

Rabbit Puppet Making for Kids

You can see required materials and molds for puppet rabbit made on this page.

This cute puppet you can use for tell a story or entertain children. The pre-school teachers can use to attract the attention of children in classes with puppets. Mothers can decorate your room with these puppets the children. You can find more creative ideas with puppets.


  • photo cardboard in brown, A5
  • photo cardboard residues in yellow, purple, bright green, red-checkered White, White, Red and Orange
  • Paper wire in yellow, 70 cm long
  • Pipe cleaners in red, 10 cm long
  • something Bast in natural color
  • Branch, 40 cm long

Puppet Making:

1) First, all cardstock cut parts and paint on their faces.

2) Now the parts stick together as in the figure. Ear and jacket Hare at the red and white checkered cloth stick, so that the window image is stable. 

3) Now the pants and feet of the rabbit and the carrot paint. The guest will be glued to the hand, on the neck and on the cloth. The hand is folded over to something.

4) The wire around the branch bind and shape it as in the picture into a spiral. He is about 10 cm before the end gebogem to the other side of the branch, twisted and further formed into a spiral.

5) Then pierce the carrot, by pulling the wire and bend it the end.


rabbit puppet making activity patterns for kids

rabbit puppet making activity patterns for kids

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