preschoolers crafts

Clock crafts ideas for preschool, kindergarten and kids.

This section includes, enjoyable crafts, homework, Clock crafts for every age.

These are suitable for preschool, kindergarten and primary school.

This section includes funny Clock crafts.

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This section has a lot of worksheets for kids, parents and preschool teachers.

Teachers can use these crafts for child education.


Hello, we will learn how to make clock.

Required materials: 2 color paper or fund eva cardboard, scissors, pencil, marker pen, pins or nails.

clock crafts

Eva black hour and minute hands are doing.

clock crafts for toddler

EVA paper circle cut as before.

clock crafts for preschool

clock crafts for preschool and kindergarten

clock crafts for kids

Then we cut the shape of the edge we draw.

clock crafts for children

analog clock crafts

clock crafts time

Clock Ready.

clock crafts for child

preschoolers crafts

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