Attention Development Activities for Kids
Attention Development Activities for Kids
Attention Development Activities for Kids


1) Memory cards

attention activities

Memory cards, strengthens the visual memory in children. These cards allow you to have fun with children. Initially, little cards should be initiated. The amount of the card should be increased gradually.


2)Store the bead under plastic cup

attention activities for kids


  • 3 non-transparent plastik cups
  • 1 bead or object

Before,you store the bottom of a plastic cup to the bead.

You show your child to put under which plastic cup.

Quickly swap our places of their plastic cups.

Then, your child try to find that the bead of which plastic cups.


3) Yes or No

attention activities for kids at home

This game allows the development of your child’s attention. Played with the family.

Don’t said ”yes” or ”no” words playing game.

For Example:

Question: Are you you finish your breakfast?

Answer: I finished my breakfast. (If you say yes, the game ends.)


4) Save a picture to memory

Development Activities to Attention
Development Activities to Attention


This game improves your child’s visual memory and language development. Uncomplicated and show a picture a few seconds can stay in the memory to your child. Turn the then official. Your child tell to what remember from the picture.


5) ”Tell ” responds with command

Development Activities to Attention for kids
Development Activities to Attention for kids


Tell one by one instructions to your child. But, your child should answer with command ” tell ”. Your child shouldn’t say without saying ”tell”. In this activity quickly asks five or six questions.

For Example:

Question 1 : What color are your eyes? Tell.

Answer: My eyes are green.

Question 2 : What’s your hair colour?

Answer: ……………(Can not be answered. Because, she doesn’t say the command ‘‘tell’‘.


6) Find the missing objects in the bag





  • 1 non-transparent bag
  • different objects can be placed into the bag

How to play?

Put the 3 object inside the bag with your child. Then, your child to close his eyes. Remove an object inside the bag. Ask your child what it is. You can increase the number of objects in the future.


7) Remember a shopping list 

activities for development care

Make a list when shopping with your child. You want to keep your child’s mind in the 3 product. Increase the number of products over time.

For Example: 

You say:

-To remember your mission potatoes, onions and bananas.


8) Mandala

development care activities
development care activities


You can spend a fun time with your child in this activity. Increases to duration of focus on your child. Is an activity that can be done anywhere. Select the mandala activity you’ll do with your child.

If you want to improve your child’s concentration, mandala should be painted from the outside inwards.

If you want to improve your child’s attention, mandala should be painted from the inside out.

Your child should do this activity at least five minutes. If your child don’t want to continue, you can continue later.


9) Sudoku with shapes

development attention

Your child can do this activity with your help. It is a fun activity.


10) Ladder to word


You can play this game with crowd.  A person says a word. The second person repeats the spoken word and it adds a word associated with the word. third person tells the other two words and  it adds a word associated with the word.

For Example:

First person: Tree

Second person: Tree – Green

Third person: Tree – Green – Leaf


11) Say the opposite to numbers 

First, you say two numbers of your child ( 4 – 8 ). You want then to tell the same numbers in reverse order ( 8 – 4 ). You can then gradually increase the number.


12) Nursery rhyme

nursery rhyme for development care activities

This activity reinforces the memory of your child and Increases your child’s language development. It is a fun activity.


13) Waitress game


It is a game that can played with family. It strengthens the auditory memory of your child. Is a game that develops attention.

How to play?

Family members act as customers. As your child waiter takes orders from you. Everyone tells a meal and a drink. Your child bring as have prepare ( with play dough or through pictures ). Would offer you food. Observe the rules of courtesy.


14) Read the book

Let’s not forget what is the best learning method based learning model. So, the book should be read together with the family five days of week . Your child can look at picture books when you read the your book.


15) Complete the story

complete the story activity for attention development

Start with a story. Family members in order to continue the story.


16) Sort the beads on rope

development care activity for kids
development care activity for kids


Increases your child’s muscle development. Develop fine motor skills. It improves attention. This is an easy activity. You can do activity with a rope and colored beads.


17) Red and green light say


While waiting at traffic light, green light is lit, you can tell.


18) Describe the way of your home

development attention activities

Your child develop visual memory of this activity. Develop to sense of place-direction your child’s .your child describe when go to the place he previously.

Do you know?

This foods causes to lack of attention and Alzheimer’s disease:

  • sugary foods
  • frozen foods
  • chicken or meat bouillons
  • products containing additive and such…



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