easy drawing the cute swan


easy drawing swan for kids at school or home
easy drawing swan for kids at school or home

These are suitable for preschool, kindergarten and primary school.

This section includes fun Easy Swan Picture Drawing.

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This section has a lot of easy drawing worksheets for kids, parents and preschool teachers.

Teachers can use these easy drawings for child education.

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Necessary materials for easy swan picture drawing:

1- A4 paper

2- Pencil

3- Coloring pencils


Process Steps for easy swan picture drawing:

First stage:

Before, you draw a large “2”.




Second Stage:

Draw the head and body.



Third Step:

Draw the eyes.




Fourth Stage:

Draw the beak and tail.




Fifth Stage:

Draw the wing.




Sixth Stage:

Then draw the details of the swan.



Seventh Stage:

Now you can paint the color you want to this cute mole.
Easy drawing mole picture is ready.


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